Recovering from Hard Drive Crash

I’m part way through recovering from a hard drive crash. Last week my computer made the dreaded clicking noise. So I decided it was time to transfer my computer life over to a new hard drive.
Old: 180gb main drive, 500gb secondary, 250gb external
New: 1500gb main drive, screw-the-rest eh?

Spinrite told me there were like 3 unrecoverable errors on the old main drive.

My big question is: I have backups; how can I easily tell which files went bad and need recovering? I’ve got something like two hundred and fifty thousand files. (crap, I’ve got two hundred and fifty thousand files!). RAID-5 would automagically do it but Windows doesn’t support software RAID-5 and I don’t want to spend another $600 on drives and controllers. Other solutions?

I’ve got Windows and Outlook reinstalled. Next, the myriad support programs I rely on.

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