Switchboard Music Festival Followup

Went to the Switchboard Music Festival last weekend. Super fun!
My favorites include:

Strike Gently, Kate Campbell and Regina Schaffer playing solo piano pieces

Teslim – not entirely my style of music but they can really play!

Sabbaticus Rex – with their animus connections to their musical instruments.

Zoe Keating – She’s becoming one of my musical heros. :-)

Billygoat – They played this awesome psychedelic set with accompanying visuals :-)

It was just 2 blocks away at Dance Mission Theater which was super-nice. And I got to chat with (a pregnant!) Zoe Keating for a few minutes about music and licensing for a few minutes which was terrific.


Here’s snippets from the Switchboard press kit

Teslim means both ‘commit’ and ‘surrender’ in Turkish and features two well known Bay Area
musicians: violinist Kaila Flexer and Gari Hegedus on oud, Turkish saz, Greek lauoto and other
(mostly plucked) stringed instruments. This potent duo performs Greek, Turkish and Sephardic
music. In addition, both Flexer and Hegedus are composers whose original music is based on
these fertile traditions. This unusual duo is at home in classical, early music, and folk music
venues and holds workshops on a variety of topics.

Sabbaticus Rex is an ensemble rooted in the supremacy of sound over music, the triumph of
tone over time and thought. This process uses haunting and beautiful acoustic instruments and
methods: overtone gongs, shakuhachi (bamboo Zen flutes), Taimu (bass) shakuhachi, and throatsinging.
This is sound, but not music. It is primordial easy-listening for dinosaurs: slowly shifting
elemental dialogues between fat flutes and big gongs.

David Klein and Nick Woolley formed the musical/visual duo of Billygoat, producing stopanimated
films and performing their live, original scores. These films have been described as
“stop-motion shorts of staggering complexity,” created one tiny movement at a time via tens of
thousands of individual photographs of an ever-morphing art piece.

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