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The Symphony of Science Continues!

Symphony of Science continues the awesome – The Poetry of Reality

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A History of the Sky: 146 Days

Ken Murphy’s A History of the Sky, an ongoing project.

Watch and experience as a meditation

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John Thomas Finnegan, Happy Birthday

That’s all!

Returned from India

I’m back from Techkriti in India! The talk went very well, the students totally swarmed us every time we rolled orbs, and the trip was a blast.

Recovering from 12.5 hour jet lag is a bother. I’ll have photos and stories soon.

Fantastic Panorama Images of Burning Man 2009

These 360 degree full sphere panoramascape images really capture the energy of Burning Man in fantastic dynamic style! Check it out! (they use Flash). Look up, look down, look all around!

Porter carrying our bags in Kanpur

Each of the 2 full size suitcases on his head weighs 30 lbs.
In the underpass between tracks in the Kanpur India train station.