Review of 1550 Hyde Restaurant, San Francisco

Here’s my review I posted to Yelp. Charlotte, Riley and I went there last night. Kern was buying as our holiday present.

2 1/2 of 5 stars. It was “fine”.

My yellowtail was cooked fine with a bit of bitter green sauce on it. The cooked baby green things beside it were nice if a little bitter. My friend’s salad was entirely arugula (which as we know is rather bitter) with some oil & vinegar. The coffee my friend got was rather bitter (though maybe that’s the style for coffee in San Francisco). I appreciate “bitter” as a culinary tool but hey!

The server was very nice. My friend asked for a substitute side-order. The kitchen missed the instruction and the server promptly brought her the side she wanted. The plate of the side was hot but the side was cold on the inside :-( It was this cauliflower thing which was good if a bit… wait for it… bitter.

For desert, the chocolate pudding stuff was really good. As was the banana bread! And the bread set on the table was very good. Though I suppose none of those items were made in-house.

But we had a lot of fun riding the cable cars on the way home!

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  1. lee says:

    From Bathes in Chocolate Milk:

    The decor felt cheap but not chic. Many dishes were fairly bitter. A salad made entirely of arugula is neither interesting, nor terribly palatable-just bitter. They did honor substitutions! The kitchen forgot my gratin, when the very hot dish arrived, the insides were still fridge temperature-bummer. The pork schnitzel was decent and had a nice flavor. The cheese course was a tad overpriced for what it was. The creme de pot was smooth and fairly good. The coffee tasted burned, but I have that complaint with much Bay area coffee. The cream congealed suspiciously on top of the coffee. The walnut bread was very nice. Overall, the food was simply “OK.” I can do this better myself. I was kinda disappointed.

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