The Berkeley Revolution Unicycle Basketball Team Rolls!

My friend Marcus, the founder of the Berkeley Revolution is at this moment in New Zealand with his  unicycle basketball team having a blast playing against all the best unicycle basketball teams in the world!

local version:

He is at Unicom, The 15th International Unicycling Convention and Championships held in Wellington New Zealand this year!

I just read news and see that they are doing quite well in the standings. Of course, it’s much more about the journey and having fun, but it feels good to know that Berkeley is representin’!

From their website:

We won our second game 44-2 over NT Cyclones, and we won our 3rd game 32-6 over RSD United, a German team. RSD United gave us a game for a while, we were up just 6-4 at one point–they have some of the world’s fastest unicyclists. But things are going well so far. Tomorrow morning we play probably our toughest prelim, …against a French team (CYCL’HOP), and in the afternoon we will have our first quarterfinal game.

Marcus is 4th from left in the photo

berkeley unicycle basketball Team-posterized

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  1. Unicycle Kid says:

    I just found out about you guys, this is absolutely awesome. I saw some of the videos from Unicon this year. You should post some of them on here. I’d love to try and get something like this started in Montana.

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