New Laptop Recommendations?

I’m looking at getting a new laptop computer.

I know I can’t recreate my dual monitor system at home so I’m shooting for small and carryable. I tried a 17″ wide-screen  behemoth  from Dell last year and it was awful: It weighed a frigging ton, occupied my entire bag and ran Vista.

I liked a 10″ netbook computer with a 94% size keyboard I saw at Radio Shack. 8 hour battery life, weighing 3 lbs. I forget which… it looked like they all were just awesome. The ones I tried all ran Notepad with blazing speed. Heh.

Some questions:

  1. Is Windows 7 as hari-kari inducing as Vista?
  2. A $350 laptop with all the horsepower of my desktop computer? What am I missing besides the screen space?
  3. If they are $350 from Radio Shack, where do I buy these laptops for free?

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  1. pcmodem says:

    I’m running Windows 7 on a couple machines and am quite happy with it, once you turn off some of the more infuriating security features, and get comfortable with the changes, vista was a little different than xp. 7 is a little different, and more refined, than vista.

    As for the notebook, only if your desktop computer is over 2 years old will you think the speed is comparable. And netbooks will generally be a generous step down in performance to accommodate the size/battery life than a “full size” 8-10lb unit

    All the major vendors now produce low cost offerings, but you will be hard pressed to find any notebook under about $350 – However, you can probably get a much better quality machine than what you saw in radioshack if you shop around.

    Thanks for the Shrimp_oreganata recipe!

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