ISS Flyby Tuesday Evening

space-station-issTuesday evening the International Space Station will be flying by San Francisco. Join a contingent on Bernal Hill or just look up at the right time. I caught it once before and was cooler than you’d initially imagine.

Tuesday evening starting at 5:29pm sharp for just 3 minutes. Starting in the southwest, going high in the sky and ending in the northeast.

Join us on Bernal Hill! Call me or comment on the blog or just show up


Find out when the International Space Station will be in San Francisco.


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  1. lee says:

    So far it looks like possible Bernal attendees include:


  2. lee says:

    The final turnout was Lee, Michael Toren, and Carolyn Fredericks. We had a great time chatting about space stations, fear of heights (and it’s possible correlation with anorexia), contact lenses, the nature of disgust, and looking at the amazingly pretty lights of San Francisco. Wow, the city looks so incredible from Bernal Hill at night! I forgot how pretty it all is!

    After, Charlotte and I made it to Liberty Cafe where Denise and Ken were eating Chicken & Veggie Pot Pies. They were great! Great conversation, a great evening.

    The cloud cover was too dense to see the space station BUT… I got an email from someone who I mentioned the evening to. She wrote:

    The ISS was visible through the cloud cover! Albeit the cloud cover here in northern San Rafael consisted of higher, thinner clouds than what is probably in San Francisco right now…

    My kid was *thrilled*.

    That’s awesome!

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