Illumination Village Honors

After having my bike stolen at Burning Man, I bemoaned to my friends that I now lived in Walk-in camping with no easy way to get there. A 10 minute bike ride is pleasant, a 35 minute walk is not.  My friends welcomed me into Illumination Village at 4:50 and Esplanade :-). It took a few hours to move but was well worth it!

One of the nights where fire was reigning supreme, (maybe Monday night?) I had a very nice talk with Dex. He talked to me about his plans for this incredible fire poofing vehicle. We spoke about it and exchanged ideas with glee. The thing that most impressed me was that he was showing off these amazing poofers on the back of his truck and we were talking, appropriately so, as equals. That’s really cool.

Later in the week I spoke with Nate Smith, creator of Fire Vortex and 2BLEVE, among other things.  We spoke about my plan for making my upcoming Fire Fog and he offered some really good suggestions. He even told me about his novel design for a mechanism that dissolves propane into liquid fuel! It’s part of the design that makes 2 BLEVE work so well.  I might use part of that design for Fire Fog :-)

Nate Smith! I talked shop with Nate Smith! That’s super cool.

(local copy of the Fire Vortex video)

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