Join me at California Extreme This Weekend – Classic Videogame and Pinball Show

I have my ticket to California Extreme, the classic arcade games show! A roomful of classic video games set to free play! It’s this weekend in San Jose.

CAXVector3I am driving down from San Francisco early Saturday morning (7am?) to visit the Electronics Flea Market at De Anza College. And then it’s over to play video games all day and night until my hands ache and my eyes bleed! It’ll be awesome! I’m hesitant to offer a carpool ride because I’m not sure how long it will take for my eyes to bleed sufficiently for me to decide to leave… :-)

I am hoping and hoping that they have my two all-time favorite coin operated games, R-Type and Cabal! I put a lot of quarters into those machines on lunch breaks during high school when I was working for Sears Business Systems! It would be an ecstatic joy for me to be able to beat Cabal on a single quarter again.


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