Growing out front of Jessica’s house in the Berkeley hills are the best artichokes.

I’ve told people how it’s almost an artichoke tree and people don’t believe me. That highest artichoke in the picture is about 8 feet above the roots!

tall-artichokes tall-artichokes-2
They taste fantastic. The tips of the leaves don’t have the barbs that normal artichokes do. I don’t have to be nearly as careful to not puncture my tongue as I normally do.

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  1. Alexis says:

    This reminds me of when I first noticed how Brussels sprouts grow. I was biking along a backroad (on my way to work in France, so really taking my time…) and I saw TREES with studded stems. Hmm… OMG, they’re freaky cabbage Lorax monsters!
    Similar reactions occurred when I saw kiwis on the vine (in France) and pineapples in Florida. And I claim not to be a city girl sometimes…

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