Work and Such

I’ve been doing all manner of odd jobs recently.

  • Due to the idiotic Swine Flu idiotic panic, Malcolm X Elementary School in Berkeley was closed for a few days. I babysat for Erin for a couple days.
  • I’m still working on the T. Pen idea. After a week, the first beta customer is very happy with it. :-)
  • I submitted a proposal to the San Francisco Unified School District with Noisebridge to teach an after school program. That might manifest in the fall.
  • I’ve been making a little money on my Mozy referrals and Google adwords.
  • I’ll be teaching a mechanical sculpture class at the Crucible in June.
  • I’ve been working part-time for  Charlotte’s company, fixing computers and such. I logged many hours saving her computer this week
  • I’m going to be working a trade show on commission with Charlotte soon.

I need a real job….

In other news…

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