Movie Watching Mayhem / Netflix Class Action Lawsuit

As part of a dumb class action lawsuit, I received a 1 month 3-DVD-at-a-time subscription to Netflix at no cost to me. I’m sure the lawyers were richly compensated. See section 1.2 of “Amended Settlement Agreement” below for the specifics of the lawsuit.

(Frank Chavez v. Netflix, Inc. Class Action, San Francisco Superior Court, Case No. CGC-04-434884, local copy of  Amended Long Form Notice of Class Action and Proposed Settlement, local copy of Amended Settlement Agreement.)

These are still on my list… didn’t have time to have them mailed to me:
The King of Kong
Robot Monster
S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale
Waking Life

So here’s what I rented in 30 days… (reviews to come eventually!)

The Omega Man
Failure to Launch
The Bucket List
Strange Culture
The Departed
Psychos in Love
Children of Men
X-Men 3: The Last Stand
A Scanner Darkly
The Illusionist
X2: X-Men United
National Treasure
Stranger than Fiction
Sin City

One Comment

  1. A scanner darkly is great – always a sucker for Philip K Dick
    Solaris is poetic, although you should see the original russian version.

    Seeing your list, you might like The Fountain. Slightly artsy-fartsy but very intense!

    For the rest I suggest you try going out of the boundary of US cinema; while you have the occasionnal american gem, most of the stuff (in my honest opinion) is usually trashy, done with little regard for quality – essentially most american flicks are just a waste of time, the scenario is built around CGI or some cheap gadget. So sad, there is much wasted talent.

    But that’s my opinion :)

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