Memphis Minnies Restaurant Review (3 of 5 stars)

(Charlotte and I wrote this and posted it on Yelp after dinner tonight. We ordered takeout after driving around for 30 minutes in the Lower Haight looking for parking… On to the review)

Memphis Minnies
576 Haight St
San Francisco, CA 94117

2 appetizers and a dinner were $30.

Memphis Minnies makes a pretty decent potato salad. Of course, I didn’t order potato salad, I ordered cole slaw take-out. But when I opened the bag at home, there was the potato salad.

The fried cheese grit sticks are pretty darn good. They’re fried, how can you go wrong?

We ordered the 2 meat dinner. The guy at the counter said that wouldn’t be enough for 2 people, but it was waaay enough food. The beef rib was tender and good. The tri-tip was fine. The pork rib appetizer was fine.

However, a big reason one goes to a barbeque joint is for their signature sauces. One of the sauces they gave me was a thin, tangy, mild vinegar sauce. The other was a tangy, thin, mild mustard vinegar sauce. Sound similar? They were. :-( Both lacked depth and subtlty. There were no hot, spicy, mild, or sweet sauces.

Curiously, all the meat came only with a dry rub. There was no sauce except for what was in the little containers. Not liking any of their sauces, I made my own.

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