HR 875: Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

Emails have been flying about HR 875. Here’s my 2 cents, as sent to Laurie and friends

I did some homework on this and it looks like the bill creates more government bureaucracy but doesn’t do anything against organic farmers persay. It increases the amount of record keeping required of a food producing organization, which is more of a bother for small farmers and food sellers than large ones.  

The bill has nothing to do with Monsanto. People want “complete safety” with regard to their food. One way of getting that is (ostensibly) to produce all food in a well run factory. I differ, but that’s where the bill is coming from. is a reputable site to check

Popehat says, “it’ll be bad for all small producers

Here’s the whole bill  (I’ve only read parts of it)

I’m generally opposed to it because it increases paperwork requirements and is a burden on small business. At the same time, it’s useful because if you have a big factory farm that feeds tens of millions of people, it probably should be required that you know where that big pile of food is coming from and going to in case you find a problem with the food. One big mistake might bankrupt the company but more importantly it might kill thousands of people. Such disasters are very rare indeed so I’m skeptical that additional controls will help.

Personally, I’m not going to write to my congresspersons about this. But I encourage you to do what your heart calls for!


The letter sent to me:

Dear friends,

Monsanto, and other food giant are trying to pollute organic produce by creating a mandatory pesticide spraying on all produce, after all they are the ones producing such pesticides, so why wouldn’t they?

Monsanto has done numerous things in the past such as sue dairy farmer for labeling their milk SHOWING that they aren’t using Bovine Growth Hormone/ rBGH. It was a long fight, and we prevailed, but they’re at it again. So once more its time to put things right.

Preserve our food source, and Monsanto’s outrageous practice halted for good.

Anyway please read the article below.


Subject: No more organic produce in California

Dear Friends,

‘US House and Senate are about (in a week and a half) to vote on a bill that OUTLAWS ORGANIC FARMING (Bill HR 875). The name on this outrageous food plan is Food Safety Modernization Act of 2009

… And, there is an enormous rush to get this into law within the next 2 weeks before people realize what is happening.

This bill must have been handled in a really stealthy manner, since it came out of nowhere in the last week.

No doubt, the way it’s backers, “the Agri-Giants” wanted it. Perhaps a coincidence with “Spring Break” and many people out of town in the weeks before. With enough congressmen signing bills without reading them, there’s no time to sleep on this one.

How do you organize all these small farmers to fight the big guys? Spread it far and wide my friends. Make a noise.

The main backer and lobbyist is Monsanto – chemical and genetic engineering giant corporation (and Cargill, ADM, and about 35 other related agri-giants).

This bill will require organic farms to use specific fertilizers and poisonous insect sprays dictated by a newly formed agency to “make sure there is no danger to the public food supply”. This will include backyard gardens that grow food only, for a family and not for sales.

If this passes – then NO more heirloom, clean seeds will be allowed, but only Monsanto genetically altered seeds that are now showing up with unexpected diseases in humans

Here’s a link that gives you an idea how this can be happening and information about the bill:

For getting the scoop by video, here are a couple more links:


Get on that phone and burn up the wires.

Get anyone else you can to do the same thing.

The House and Senate WILL pass this, if they are not massively threatened with loss of their position….

They only fear your voice and your vote.

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  1. C'Lynn Kalbfleisch says:

    I have been aware of this bill for quite sometime. I have written my Congresswoman, Gabriel Gifford and my Senitor John McCain opposing these outageous bill. I have been telling eveyone about it including the health food store who were ablivious to the Bill.

    I keep hearing that it is going to be voted on soon, but I have been unable to find a date where they propse to vote on this bill. DO you have any information about the date? E-mail me and let me know when you find out. Thank-you.

    C’Lynn Kalbfleisch

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