Impromptu dinner party

Last night we had a terrific impromptu dinner party. Corey called in the afternoon sati g he was in San Francisco with nothing going on. He brought his new girlfriend Melissa. Rick Taylor brought a chicken caserole, our neighbor Cindy brought greens from working at the farmers market. And Charlotte brought her signature pink fizzy Slow Gin Fizz.

We had an appetizer of home made lonza with fresh home made bread.

The dinner table had fresh organic greens, home made garlic bread, home made curry chicken casserole, home made lasagna with “happy cow” Marin Sun Farms ground beef, excellent “super decanted” wine, and candles. All in our tiny apartment in the city!

Oh and desert had the most terrific Earthquake Cake from San Francisco Chocolate Factory with real whipped cream, a tangelo slice and salt sprinkles! Woot!

Merriment was had by all!
I was so full I could barely move :-)


  1. Alexis says:

    Having had Rick’s killer curry chicken casserole (can we call it CurChickCass?), not to mention Lee’s bread and Charlotte’s Sloe Gin Fizz!), I can only imagine the sheer merriment that was had by all!

    The cake is totally intriguing, too, although I’m pretty loyal to Blissful Bites.

  2. lee says:

    The Earthquake Cake has the convenience and benefit of being packaged shelf stable. Open and eat within 2 months :-)

    We should try Blissful Bites!

  3. Alexis says:

    Ah! And then you added the cream, citrus and salty goodness? Nice one, bruv!

    If only I’d known about these when we used to prepare earthquake preparedness kits at school! I would have been so popular (or just so happy) at the end of the year when we inevitably ate them. The vodka would have been nice for Loma Prieta. (OK maybe not at school.)


  4. lee says:

    It only has a little vodka. It’s not a “21+” cake.

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