Alcohol Beverage Control Goons

The DNA Lounge is being attacked by the California Alcohol Beverage Control board. In response to JWZ’s post and Violet Blue’s article in the Chronicle, I wrote a letter to my supervisor, David Campos and a few other supervisors. It went a little like this:

Supervisor Campos,  Mirkarimi, Dufty,

Could you please look into the matter of the ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) attacking the DNA Lounge, a night club in the city.

I have been to the DNA Lounge on several occations and can say definitively that it is a very well run, well kept, clean, and eminently enjoyable place to spend an evening. The management does absolutely everything required of the city to run a good establishment.

The harshness of the penalties being sought against the club are entirely out-of-line with the offenses.

Business regulations exist for a good reason, to protect the public. It certainly appears in this case that the ABC is trying to wield their power inappropriately. They are not protecting the public but their egos.

Do not let the ABC bully you into thinking that they are right on this matter. They are not. They are just bullying because that is what bullies do.

Thank you,
Lee C. Sonko
[contact information redacted]

PS. You can find out more about this issue here:

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