Terrific Bookmarks

I have a few terrific bookmarks that I use all the time. They are javascript code. I put them all in a text file so you are assured of getting the formatting just right. Take a look. They work equally well in Chrome, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

View my terrific bookmarks


  • Use this to put a link on your browser to the next level of the HTML hierarchy
  • Open Selected Links in your browser
  • Open the “next” link in a series
  • Open the “previous” link in a series
  • view cookies for a site
  • Mouseover DOM


  1. Free says:

    In Firefox, there is an add-on called SnapLinks that will allow you to open all selected links at once in tabs. It looks like that would work in a similar manner to your Selected Links bookmark.

  2. Carlos says:

    Thanks for these, I liked a couple of them, will give them a try.

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