My First IPhone Crash


Last night I picked up my phone and pushed the Menu button. The phone flickered on for a split second and then fell dead black. The phone was completely unresponsive. I googled a bit and found a reset command:  Hold down the power button and Menu button for 6 full seconds.

The phone came back to life. But hmm… every phone call I made today had poor cell phone reception :-(((. I uninstalled all the apps I had installed over the last couple days just in case those contributed to the problem. Those programs include: Falling Balls, UStream Viewer, PAC-MAN Lite, and iEphemeris Lite.

I tried pushing that reset sequence again today and the iPhone crashed or something such that it said that it would only make emergency calls. I left the phone off for 1/2 an hour while I went shopping (rather miffed and paniced that my expensive toy might be broken), turned it on again and it gave me a message like “iPhone activated [Ok]”. And now it seems to work fine.

We’ll see….


  1. rick! says:

    You could be like me.

    I bought a Zune off eBay. A first gen Zune. One of the chocolate brown ones. You should buy one too! Don’t let me be alone in this! It’s great!

    Oh my god what have I done, what have I done…

  2. lee says:

    Rick, you catch the strangest meme-diseases. Are all your shots up to date?

  3. lee says:

    Update: all my phone calls have been clear for the last day. And I noticed that it’s more responsive. Case-in-point: Previously, sometimes the phone wouldn’t notice my finger touching the screen when I tried to operate the slider to change the brightness. But now it works well.

    Whatever I did worked.

  4. Bathes in Milk says:

    My phone doesn’t crash…

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