A Random Dream I Had

This is totally random… I woke up a few weeks ago with memory of this random dream floating in my head.

I went to a class, I don’t recall what it was about. It was in a building in a rural setting. I remember seeing the brown roof of the A-frame. I think that it was in New Jersey near that rural shopping mall I had been to before. After the class, I went nearby to a pool. I was there with a new male friend, he was fairly big boned, I remember that his skin was held a little taut the way a fat person’s skin is. He was a little hot headed too. The pool was interesting, at the bottom of the deep end there was a small doorway that you could go through and come up in a (obviously) pressurized room in the air; it was pretty neat.

I was bobbing around along the edge between the shallow and deep end… I got out and met up with a woman. She had dark hair, a slight body (remember Stephanie O?) And she was very excited to have found me after class. She hugged me a lot and smiled a lot and pretty much seemed to be in love with me. In the conversation I was too embarrassed to bring up that I lived at home. She asked where my office was in my home was, I embarrassedly glossed over that they were in the same place.

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