Tweet me a River

It’s good to hate. Jon wrote a Christmasy Twitter poem and I’m honored to be in there showing my anti-tweeterness.


December 27, 2008

Hello Tweeps! It’s that time of year
To spread a little Twitter cheer
So yelp a carol you holiday hollerers
For my fantastic fans and fellow followers

So hello @LeeSonko (Twitter-hater!)
@rickabruzzo, see you later,
Sing hosannas to @MissySB,

(If I’ve mispronounced your handle
Please be kind: don’t throw a sandal
Send me corrections via DM
So that no one else will see ’em)

Ring in the year with vigor and vim
and charming folks like @sfslim
May @laughingsquid‘s tentacles be a-sway
Across the Bay and far away

So @Mister_Robotics, here’s a shout
@rainesmaker knows what it’s about
@jamesburns00 here’s a thanky
To @jdavid and @spanktar‘s Spanky.

And here is wishing leather weather
To @bobigail@jong@basmatiheather
And a mellow new year, never harsh, all
With compliments to @ccmarshall

Signed ints suck, unsigned are great
(At least for @coder32768)
Greets to @coreyfro who earns good karma
@jetdillo too (but where’s the arma-?)

To @ctpctp and @michaelshiloh:
May your output pins go high/low
And code compile, no need to worry
@erikswedberg@bre, and @k0re

Da @Dostoyevsky, and no complaint
To graceful loser @JohnMcTaint
It’s the New Year so time to check
@Exploratorium and @SFMusicTech

@MarinLocalMusic is the reason
For lovely sounds in any season
Send some cheer now anyhow
To @Dangerangel and @vniow

Hail fellows, I trust you are well met
@leifmale@dubslife, not least @zarbet
Four parts gin and one vermouth
Strained with ice for @NathanBooth

Nuevo año! Happy new year yo,
To @cotygonzales and @criollo
(Is that chocolate, caste, or horse?
Or maybe even all, of course!)

The holidays: what better cause
To send good greetings to @teiwaz
Cheers and howdy and good-on-yas
To @burstein@catcubed@dvrogers

Rarer than the finest gold
Are @jennalex and @erlingwold
Hope to see you more this year
@j_admo, never fear!

Hello Vienna! Here’s a wish
To see @roboexoticus and @feuerfisch
And who is that there getting winks
In the hat of hawt? It’s @frugalbinx!

In ’09 @escapeberkeley on a run
With @jacktrade@jesshobbs and @satiredun
Or maybe it could be a race
Between @Mitchell_H and @NIMBYSPACE

See @theburningman wear of @yasimak
Causing mum a heart attack:
Megaphone mangled without cause:
New year replacement? Send to @yoz!

So @stevenharrison gets a verse
All to himself. Hope nothing worse!
Cheers to @mprados, metal whiz
Also to charming @ninavizz!

Hope the new year will bring smiles all
To the @hatfactory and to @milesl
Though he’s not on Jimmy Kimmel,
Here’s a shout to friendly @wiml

Yummy stuff? I’m a fan, says
@rrmutt of @rachelannyes
And don’t forget to send some bacon
To @neoptolomus and @ohagan

Let’s not forget our robot friends
@PersonalLife and @playtm
When you revolt, @transBot too,
Remember I was nice to you

With make-up just a littly showy,
New year’s BRAINNNNS to @zombieXzoe
Hoping his show’s not in ze tank
Holiday wishes to @zefrank

And so this Twitter verse is done
#darwin bless you, every one!


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