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I saw Carl Pistaturo‘s machine art for the first time last night. I was astounded. If you ever get the chance, see these “amusements”!

I had caught his listing on The Squidlist.  


Rotating Amusement Devices of Carl Pisaturo

Experience and celebrate mechatronic devices with inverse commercial potential. These are highly artgineered Rotating Amusement Devices – smooth motions, illusion, spatial-spirographic streaks.


10+ machines will be on display and demo’d throughout the evening, including the first public demos of RING WAVE, a new type of high speed light streaker.  


in association with MAPP, the Mission Arts Performance Project.

I note that the performances had an element of danger even more extreme than an SRL show. His amazing “rotating amusements” have spinning parts that weigh a pound or more and appear to spin at upwards of 1,000 RPM. If they weren’t perfectly weighted, they could fly apart and… well, hence the danger. As seen, they did not appear dangerous, but wonderfully elegant. Pure applied engineering.

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  1. Bathes in Milk says:

    He rocks. That was fun!

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