Saw Seven, Stargate Atlantis

Seven  / Se7en pretty tense. Pretty scary. I don’t know, maybe a little formulaic in it’s scaryness. But then I’m jaded, being on the safe side of the screen. I think if the final act in the car had a better kind of tension, it would have turned around for me. John Doe / Kevin Spacey was trading barbs with Mills / Brad Pitt; John Doe could have been more in-your-soul than in-your-face.

I’ve been watching Stargate Atlantis with Charlotte for the last few years. It is really a well written, enjoyable series. It’s sad to hear that Stargate is in it’s last season but all things must end, so I hear.

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  1. really2cute4u says:

    Gonna miss those aliens and definite good guys vs bad guys…alien wars are the best wars…

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