PlainPaste Out, PureText In

I’ve been using PlainPaste by Skrommel for more than a year. When you’re running PlainPaste and you hit Ctrl-v, it strips out all the formatting info of whatever is in the clipboard and pastes just the text. It’s really useful when grabbing web page text and pasting it to other places.

Unfortunately, PlainPaste doesn’t always play nice with other programs. For instance, when you paste into Excel, Excel crashes :-(

So now I’m trying PureText 2.0  by Steve Miller. He also wrote the venerable Dependency Walker  which bodes well :-). Puretext claims to work similar to PlainPaste. Hopefully it won’t do bad things. We’ll see! It has the added benefit of playing a fun clave sound when you paste using Window-Hot-Key-v. Of course you can turn off the sound but it made me chipper.

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  1. lee says:

    After using Puretext for a year, I can say that it’s terrific. :-)

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