Went to Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival

On Saturday. It was great fun! I rode (well, almost) a unicycle for the first time. I learned some “claymotion” juggling moves”, and got to see some really amazing acts at the show in the evening. It felt good seeing the acts here because I knew that they knew they were “among friends”.

Take a peak at the fun sign they put on the bathroom door.

And  Charlotte even won a door prize! She won a set for 35 juggling rings! And she had been mumbling about how it didn’t matter what she put in for, should doesn’t ever win anything. Well that’s not true anymore! We’ll just have to put this prize in the closet next to the Lady Ada Mini-POV kit she won at Instructables last year :-)))

Berkeley Juggling and Unicycle Festival website

The Berkeley Unicyclists


At the Saturday night show was:

Kevin Axtell  – who f’ing rocked.

Baby Doll – who has a terrific act and is certainly not just another hooper. Professional, fun, good choreography and sexy too :-)

Pink Man – who is wonderfully insane

A young juggler named Noah who can juggle balls behind his back and clubs behind his back via his legs… wow! (he’d throw them down through his legs and they’d wrap and he’d catch them at his shoulders or somesuch)

John Foss  –  a class act!

the  Humboldt Jugglers  – had such a tight act… it was beautiful seeing the four of them work together.

The Stanford Juggling Research Institute

Dan Holzman,  Matt Hall,  Curt Carlyle,  Iman Lizarazu, and  Mountain Mischief,  Ashley Foster

Oh and thanks to Marc Hertlein who invited me!

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