Open Heart Surgery

I’m in New Jersey, seeing family.

On Tuesday my dad had a 7 hour open heart surgery… aortic and mitral valve replaced and a double bypass. Friday he needed to have a pacemaker installed, which is apparently a common complication of double valve surgery. He came home from the hospital yesterday feeling very tired and “beat up”. Today, after some rest he was feeling much better. He was walking around the house gingerly today. Wow.

30 years ago he had open heart surgery, the one this week was #3. Way back, he was in the hospital for 3 weeks, was brought home in an ambulance, and needed to  convalesce  for more than a month before getting back to his life.

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  1. lee says:

    He’s doing really well.. He’s moving around slow and he’s a little miffed that he can’t play golf for a while with the new pacemaker. While he’s a little low on energy, the big thing is that it takes 3 months before the pacemaker wires are seated firmly enough. Until then he isn’t supposed to move his left arm over his head. Playing golf… anything other than putting… might pull on the wires.

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