NIMBY in Crisis

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I wanted to make sure everyone here had heard about the current crisis being faced by one of the main art spaces in the Bay Area.  An incredible amount of Burning Man art has been produced there.  Read the note below to learn more about the closure (and future plans) of this great space.

NIMBY, a 40,000 square foot industrial art space located in West Oakland, California, was shut down by the City of Oakland for non- compliance to fire and building codes on September 11, 2008.  The inspection conducted by the City of Oakland was in response to a fire at the building on September 10, 2008.

For 5 years NIMBY has been the largest industrial art space in the Bay Area.  Over 40 groups, comprised of over 200 artists, use the  

space for designing, fabricating and storing large-scale projects.    

The closure of NIMBY is having a huge impact on the arts community in our area.

The City of Oakland is offering assistance to help NIMBY relocate to a new building.  City officials are being supportive in helping with locating available properties, and working with us to design a space that can meet the needs of artists while complying with building and fire codes.  While we are grateful for this show of support we must find considerable outside financial assistance to make this move possible.

We are working to create a new space that is larger and more versatile than the current NIMBY, turning this tragedy into an opportunity for expansion.  Included in the plans is a massive, permanent gallery space for large-scale works of art usually left in storage.  Artists will then be able to design, construct, and showcase their pieces between events in one space, allowing them increased exposure for their art.

In order for this vision to be realized NIMBY must receive support from the entire arts community.  Please visit our website  ( for more details on the closure and to make a donation.  The entire Bay Area arts community is depending on the support of the national arts community to save NIMBY.

Below are links for just a few of the pieces that have been created at NIMBY.  Please contact me should you have any questions or ideas for partnering with our organization.



NIMBY site:

Some Art Created at NIMBY:


Steampunk Tree House

Cleavage in Space — A 40 ft Chandelier

Sim Nuke –

Interpretive Arson — DDI and 2?R –

The Disgusting Spectacle –

KSW Paddle Wheel Steam Boat –

A few items currently in storage at NIMBY:

The Serpent Mother

IT –

An installation for Natural World Museum –

Sets for the Oakland Opera –

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