Fully Legal AR-15 in California: Part 2

This is a followup to my first posting of Fully Legal AR-15 in California. It’s gotten so many comments that it’s hard to sort through them.

Please make followup comments here. And don’t forget to read the original post!

Thank you.


  1. james says:

    Does anyone know if there are any exceptions for military that law enforcement get in regards to regular AR-15. Sorry if this has been answered but I looked and didn’t find anything addressing this. Thanks.

  2. Lee says:

    There are no exceptions for military.

  3. al says:

    Our customers report 3/4 inch groups right out of the box on the Kel=tec.

  4. George says:

    do you guys just sale the lower receivers in a m4 style

  5. George says:

    if someone can help me??? i want to build a m-4 with the cal kit mag release i dont know if i should buy the receiver stripped and build it myself or buy it all assembled and add the kit myself.

    i want 2 know if a buy it from California Rifles then change the stock add the mag kit and pistol grip

    i dont know if i make sence

    i just dont want the fix mag “internal 10 rounds”

  6. Eric says:

    George – You would not be building a “real” M4, but a 16″ barrel AR-15. I bought my Stag Arms AR-15 complete from lanworldinc.com and it came complete CA legal with a bullet button and a 10 round mag. It was shipped directly to Bob an FFL in Sacramento – Snellings Firearms.

    I live in the Central Valley and no one around here wants to mess with the AR type rifles. Bob used to work for the DOJ so he can be a great asset if you have any questions.

    As for buying an AR-15 from a dealer in CA, they will not sell you one that is not converted to be CA legal if you are buying the whole rifle. In other words, you cannot buy an AR-15 and then convert it to be CA legal; it will be CA legal before you take possession of it.

  7. George says:

    thank you for the help eric.

    how do i talk 2 bob?

  8. Bob says:

    George: What can I do for you?

  9. George says:

    i want 2 buy a lower receiber for a ar-15 with cal kit mag release.

    what do you recommend?

    and, do you sale them?

    i dont want a fix mag “10 round internal mag”

  10. George says:

    comment 128 is for BOB

  11. Bob says:

    George: If you would like to receive the OLL lower in around a week I would suggest that you go online to Lanworld.inc and order a stag lower from Chris. All my ARs I’ve bought from him and had them shipped to my local FFL. I’ve pasted a link to Lanworld and the price of the Tactical complete lower with adjustable stock. Now remember you have to add the cost of the CA kit ($50.00) with the Bullet button and not a Prince 50 mag lock. Besure to tell Chris that or you may end up with a mag lock and you’ll have to load by opening the upper off the lower. The kit includes a 10 rd mag, BB or ML and an extended take down pin. Chris will install all this on your lower so it’s ready for your upper of your choosing. Shipping is around $20.00 so you’re looking at just around $323.00 with out transfer fees and dros. The transfer and dros will be charge by your local FFL. Now if you would like a complete rifle you can get a stag model 3 out the door for just about $923.00 without the transfer and dros. It’s your choice. I have a stag model 3 and its a nice rifle. If you go to comment #29 you’ll see it, it’s the 2nd from the left. It’s a flat top so you can fix it with what ever optics, you want. Chris will do you right and he is fantastic to work with. Best of luck.


    Stag Arms Complete 5.56 Tactical Lower Half
    Stag Arms 5.56 Tactical Lower Half $253.00: SATLH

  12. George says:

    does anybody know where i can buy upper receivers

    any web sites???

  13. George says:

    is 5.56 nato and .223 rem ae the same cal

  14. Bob says:

    George: are you interested on purchasing online or do you want to walk in an get one? Would help to know where you live.

  15. Eric says:

    George, there are differences between the 5.56 NATO and .223, but hardly any. Since you are looking for an upper here’s a pertinent tip: A 5.56 upper will shoot a .223. However, the reverse is not true; a .223 upper will not shoot a 5.56 round. To be on the safe side, look for a 5.56 upper or get an upper with the Wylde chamber. The Wylde chamber will shoot both just OK.

  16. George says:

    bob am from sacramento

  17. David says:


    Did I understand correctly that you have a gunstore I can DROS through (or a shop to purchase onsight) a CA-Legal AR15? If not can you give me one near Fairfield?


  18. David says:


    Can you recommend an FFL near Fairfield or did I understand from above you have a shop in Sacramento?


  19. Bob says:

    David: I’m not in the firearm business, I don’t have a shop or am I an FFL holder. However if you need an FFL dealer in the Sacramento area that is OLL friendly try Robert Snelling 916/833-9771.

  20. Bob says:

    David; FYI from what I understand there is only 1 FFL in Fairfield (METCO Firearms) and they do not dros OLL’s.

  21. George says:

    does any one know a web site o buy optic for a ar-15

  22. Bob says:

    George: there are many websites that offer optics some to name a few
    Sportmans Guide
    Cheaper Than Dirt
    IF you just goggle your topic you’ll find a lot of information. Most manufacturers of firearms off it on their websites

  23. George says:

    does any know of ffl dealer in sacramento that will accept shiping from another ffl dealer ive talked 2 wild sports , river city, Sportsman’s Warehouse

  24. Bob says:

    See the attached link. Scroll down till you see Sacramento area.


  25. Jerry A says:

    Argh, kills me when I hear the term “assault weapons”,from now on, let us not call AR or even AK “assault weapons”, they can be called tactical rifles at its worse. We are seeing “sporting” rifles in AR form more and more from many firearm companies, such as Remington that now produces a AR style rifle dedicated to hunting, and precision AR’s are taking the center stage in competitive shoots, its getting harder to really think of them in “assault weapon” terms.

  26. Lee says:

    How about SUW, “Sport Utility Weapon”?

  27. Bob says:

    Owners of AR’s or AK’s really don’t refer to our rifles as AW’s. That’s the medias hipe for describing them. Remember main stream media are supporting gun ocntrol and don’t want us to have these types of firearms.

  28. George says:

    does some one know if i buy a upper chambered in 5.56 nato will it shoot 223 rem i want something that will shoot both

  29. Bob says:

    George: If you want to have the option to shoot both 5.56 and .223 go with a upper in 5.56.

  30. Bob says:

    George: If you are really serious about building an CA legal rifle with an OLL I strongly suggest that you go to calguns.net and check out the forums. There are tons of information regarding building, or buying complete rifles. All you have to do is use the search button.

  31. cody says:

    First let me say Hi and thank you for the information. I just moved to California from Indiana so I’m still trying to figure out what exactly is legal. After reading this forum and part 1 of this forum I have a much better Idea, thank you, but I still have a few questions and if my questions were answered earlier and I missed them then I apologize.

    1. I saw were POF was a licensed HK manufacturer but I didn’t see any thing about the actual HK 416 lowers are they oll or did someone manage to get them on the list?

    2. this has to do with POF’s piston upper. I the piston system the one same as the one that HK devoloped or is it a similar one that uses HK parts?

    and lastly I saw the hell kitten rifle and that is beautiful thanks.

  32. bizzle flash says:

    Looks like this post got tired and everyone is playing elsewhere…

    It is very helpful and reading through it took a little while but it was worth it…

    I want anyone who reads this to understand that keeping and using firearms is just as important to our basic inalienable rights as freedom of speech, freedom of press, religion, assembly, etc.

    I was in Mexico this past week and there were a couple shootouts near where I was staying and a crazy messed up guy driving his tow truck at 60 miles an hour through my in-laws quiet neighborhood. Then he met up with some angered kids and shots were fired one block away. I already burried one in law from a revenge shootout right accross the street in 97. This shooting resulted in one kid going to the hospital but surviving.

    I was not able to bring any protection with me to Mexico, so we cowered behind the bed hoping shots would not come sailing through the walls!!!
    When you are driving anyone can cut you off or slam their brakes to make you almost crash, and the treachery goes on and on…why?

    Criminals and the lawless know that they can do what they want and the citizens are subject to their bad wreckless behavior.

    Now I am back in California and although it is tough knowing that my rights are being taken away…I can still go out and buy something that could protect me if I needed it.

    Obama and Biden will soon be eliminating this right, so all this to say, get your protection while you still can, dark days are ahead, when the U.S. starts to look and function like Tijuana Mexico, then you will wish you had built a Kali Legal AR……………….

  33. Robert says:

    I operate a business that has an FFL Licensee within it. I’m not a stocking gun store but vintage weapons is one of the things I handle. I looked into AR and AK “Cal” legal weapons and chatted with the Cal DOJ with the following results: They repeat what the comments refer to as “They are not Attorneys” and haven’t determined these available variants are “illegal” but it is obvious they are part of the group of weapons listed as AK and AR “Assault Weapons” whether or not they are modified to visually comply with California Assult Weapons Laws. The California Regs are what they are and the Label “INSANE” is best applied to the crazy’s who used a full automatic assualt weapon last Month in California hitting a number of people and killing one. All this chatter is for one purpose; getting your hands on a “Machine Gun” legally in California…. Until the law changes and California falls in line with the Brady Ban Expiration, our choice is to not handle these CA Assualt Weapons Type receivers or Long Guns. Robert

  34. Robert says:

    I operate a business that has an FFL Licensee within it. I’m not a stocking gun store but vintage weapons is one of the things I handle. I looked into AR and AK “Cal” legal weapons and chatted with the Cal DOJ with the following results: They repeat what the comments refer to as “They are not Attorneys” and haven’t determined these available variants are “illegal” but it is obvious they are part of the group of weapons listed as AK and AR “Assault Weapons” whether or not they are modified to visually comply with California Assault Weapons Laws. The California Regs are what they are and the Label “INSANE” is best applied to the crazy’s who used a full automatic assault weapon last Month in California hitting a number of people and killing one. All this chatter is for one purpose; getting your hands on a “Machine Gun” legally in California…. Until the law changes and California falls in line with the Brady Ban Expiration, our choice is to not handle these CA Assault Weapons Type receivers or Long Guns. Robert

  35. Bob says:

    When I first started looking into CA. legal OLL’s I came to this site for information. Since then I have moved on to calguns.net. Anyone who needs to know more information, I refer you to calguns.net. Calguns has the most up to date information regarding OLL’s and firearm information.


  36. Felix says:

    I am going to buy an AR before they ban them. If they do ban them I will just keep it in my closet and go shooting at my friends farm where nobody will see me. I follow the laws and don’t speed so I’ll be alright. But I also enjoyed reading this thanks for the info. Eric I also live in Modesto but am moving to Manteca in 2 weeks. Also is the ammo 5.56 strong what is it equivalent to handgun wise?

  37. Neil says:

    i live in ca, and i have been looking for a legal ar 15,one with all the features w/ a bullet button. i found plenty of firearm dealers that sell complete ar 15 , that are already modified w/the bb. so if arms dealers are allowed to sell these ar’s , they must be completely legal….right ?

  38. Neil says:

    im sorry if my question above has already been answered, but i just want to be absolutely sure that im legal when i purchase my ar.i have been looking at several different makes of the ar, and they all look very nice,but which company would you recommended to get an ar from,i saw a stag that i wanted,do they make a reliable ar.i want to say thank you to lee and everyone else that volunteers info on this forum.

  39. Bob says:

    Ok let’s talk about “AR” style rifles. Being one that owns 6 currently and is in the process of building my 7th I’ll give you my thoughts on your questions and comments. First lets start with Felix, if a AW ban should ever come again and you have an firearm that is listed on the ban list either by name or description, you will most likey be required to register that firearm as an AW. Don’t think by just hiding in a closet you will be OK. If you fail to register you will be a felon. This is not worth it. No only will you go to jail, be fined, loose your firearm, you will be prohibited from EVER owning another firearm if caught…… Comparing a rifle round such as the 5.56 to a hand gun round is a lttle difficult as you would have to look at ft per second and muzzle velocity. Remember 5.56/.223 are both a 22 caliber. The difference is the amount of powder. The 5.56 is loaded to higher charge. Barrels speced for a .223 should not be used with 5.56 ammo. However a barrel speced for a 5.56 can shoot a .223.

    Neil, to answer your question is “yes”, however depending on the LEO and the local DA you could have your “legal” rifle confiscated. Then bear the cost of trying to get it back and any court costs. Now I don’t want to scare you the chances of this happening is getting slimmer by the minute. Todate there is estimated over 100,000 OLL firearms in CA.
    Regarding Stag rifles they make some real nice rifles. I own two Stags and haven’t had any issues with them. Now there are more expensive ones out on the market and there are some that most agree on to stay away from. With the way things are now all dealers are in short supply and lead times are running 20-25 weeks for a Stag. If you have a FFL that has one on the floor I would suggest you buy it. You may pay a premium for it but you’ll have it. Another way is to go online and try to find a someone selling one who will sell it in CA. A lot of people from outside CA. refuse to deal with us due to the new laws and FFL check process.

    Finally, if you all are serious about owning one, I suggest you go to CA DOJ website, print out a copy of CA firearm laws and read it to the point that you understand it. Then log on to calguns.net and read the forum posts. Should you have any questions use the search feature. Join the NRA, and become a strong supporter of the Second Amendment and RKBA. If we let the anti’s get away with another ban it is our own fault for not standing up. As the next ban will have no sunset. Just my 2 cents.

  40. Chris says:

    I have to say guys… This is all very scary! I am a recent returner to the firearm seen. I just purchased a pistol and a shotgun for range shooting and home defense after this wacky election.

    I want a high power rifle, and am more confused than ever after reading the DOJ laws in California…

    I immediately registered and joined the NRA as a lifetime member! What’s next?

    I honestly never intended to leave the state, having been born here 3rd Generation, but this is a mess!! I seriously don’t know what I can or cannot buy, shoot, have at home, hunt with… etc.


  41. Adam says:

    Hello all, thanks for all the great information. Does anyone know of FFL dealers in Los Angeles County that will do an OLL transfer if I buy it from the internet. I tried some in my area and they all refused.


  42. Bob says:

    Adam, not sure where in LA you are located but here is a list of FFL’s with costs and some comments. If this list is not helpful try logging on to calguns.net


    FFL                      PHONE#         CITY           FEE       NOTES (CG member, website etc)
    Get A Gun                661.978.6450   Bakersfield    $5($5)    Appt ONLY / Rafael Esqueda / Cell: 661.978.6450
    OC Indoor Shooting Range 714.529.0300   Brea           $50($?)   or 15% gun price (lesser one)
    Outdoor World            831.479.1501   Capitola       $75($?)
    Castro Valley Gun Shop   510.581.1917   Castro Valley  $50($?)
    Ammo Bros                562.865.3980   Cerritos       $50($?)   ammobros.com
    Rifle Gear               949.209.6413   Costa Mesa     $50       www.riflegear.com / OLL friendly
    De Chiel                 619.427.6342   Chula Vista    $50($?)   dechiel / DeChielFirearms.com
    Condor Gun Shop          760.329.6608   DesertHotSprin $44($?)
    Gunrunner                626.358.7711   Duarte         $75($?)
    METCO Firearms #2        707.864.2666   Fairfield      $50($?)   Contact: leelaw / M-F 1200-1700, OLL rifle OK, but no stripped receivers
    Irvington Arms           510.226.7910   Fremont        $75($?)   irvingtonarms.com
    PRK Arms                 559.283.8666   Fresno         $50($20)  handgun +$10(+$5) / prkarms.org / contact:FEDUPWBS,TheDrickel
    Suchar Enterprises       310.261.8806   Hawthorne      $35($?)   msuchar@earthlink.net
    AKI Security Training    714.379.9115   Huntington B.  $25($?)   No OLL / Jim Bowen 562.500.3633 (cell) / http://firearms-training.info
    JK Supply Co.            209.274.2383   Ione           $50       By Appt Only / jksupplyco@yahoo.com
    Entreprise Arms          626.962.8712   Irwindale      $35($?)   +$5 for handgun / entreprise.com
    O.C. Armory              949.768.5189   Laguna Hills   $35($10)  Rifle $55/Pistol $45/Receiver $35
    J&R Sports Supply        925.443.9691   Livermore      $25($0)   Must mention CG member / jrguns.com
    RMB Enterprises          408.946.5289   Milpitas       $40($?)   Rob Blank
    Uneeda Gun               909.224.1889   Moreno Valley  $30($?)   davegarner@aol.com
    Ade's Gun Shop           714.744.3373   Orange         $60($20)
    City Arms                650.738.6896   Pacifica       $45($?)
    Diablo Valley Gun Works  925.676.4117   Pleasant Hill  $75($?)
    Ten Ring Enterprises     530.638.1225   Red Bluff      $25($?)   customerservice@10ring.net
    Jon's Gunworks           760.375.2221   Ridgecrest     $10       Jon Dimberg
    Bowman's Cutlery         951.637.0978   Riverside      $30       Jeffrey Bowman / 4-7 M-F, 10-5 S-S
    Bright Spot Pawn         951.360.1796   Riverside      $35($20)  brightspotpawn.com
    C&W Reloading            951.685.9416   Riverside      $30($10)  Mira Loma area/Evenings by appt
    Imbert & Smithers        650.593.4207   San Carlos     $50($?)   No OLL
    Don Gussler              619.258.2543   San Diego      $35
    Royal Loan               619.284.2274   San Diego      $65($25)  royalloan.net
    Independent Armament     818.322.4585   San Fernando   $45($35)
    J.D. Security            408.259.9481   San Jose       $50($?)
    J and J Armory           886.927.6679   Santa Ana      $50($?)
    Goleta Valley Gun&Supply 805.683.1867   Santa Barbara  $36($?)   No OLL
    Paul Schaffer            805.687.1730   Santa Barbara  $60($60)  No OLL
    Roger's Relics           408.247.5379   Santa Clara    $50($15)  Handgun +$10
    Richard Hudnut           408.988.8608   Santa Clara    $40($0)   No OLL / Handguns $50
    Fort Courage Armory      805.526.6563   Simi Valley    $50($10)
    The Sportsman            209.532.1716   Sonora         $25($0)   Up to 3 guns
    Tenpercent               661.765.6899   Taft           $50($0)   sn: tenpercentfirearms / tenpercentfirearms.com
    Hadid Machine            707.217.5500   Tomales        $40($25)  Wael Hadid  www.hadidmachine.com
    Shoberg Gunworks         707.463.2336   Ukiah          $25($?)   Jim Shoberg
    Uncle Paul's Exchange    805.659.5000   Ventura        $45($20)
    National Police Supply   760.599.4410   Vista          $55($?)   By appt / 9-6 M-F / www.nationalpolicesupply.com
    Pennington Firearms      951.757.9791   Wildomar       $40($10)  Mention CG member to get this price / CA AW permit / AW conversion for $50+parts

  43. Reece says:

    These are awesome and I would love to get one. I can’t find a single place to get all the parts in Santa Rosa or even online so is it possible for me to order one from you?

  44. lee says:

    Reece, if its parts for the original California Rifle you’re after, why don’t you order it directly from the source as mentioned in the first part of this post.

    Man, I should ask for a referral fee from the California Rifle guys. In the last year, they got almost 1,000 clicks from my site to theirs! Nah, that’s not why I made the post. :-)

  45. Reece says:

    Thanks I appreciate it!

  46. stevo says:

    thinking about getting a ar-15, but so many different mgf. leaning towards colt, but smith & wesson and armilite and stag arms look good too!!
    what ar-15 would you guys go with? thanks guys

  47. Bob says:

    Stevo, there are many different manufacturers out there. First off what do you want to do with your rifle and what do you want your rifle to do for you? Do you just want to be tacticool or use it for varmint, coyote or paper shooting? What is your budget for one? Ask yourself these questions and let us know so we can direct you in the right direction. What is your location?

    Take care

  48. stevo says:

    thanks for talking back to me bob, i want my ar-15 to be tactical and target.my budget is about $2,000. I live in new hampshire.
    thanks guys

  49. Bob says:

    Stevo: Well I’m not completely up on the New Hampshire firearms laws since I’m in California. If you have no restrictions like what we have California, the world of firarms is your play ground. That being said everyone judges all AR design firearms to Colts. Colts are the holy grail of AR’s. A upper with a 1/7 twist chrome lined barrel with M4 feed ramps and reciever are the way to go. Lowers really don’t play any part in accuracy with exception to the trigger group. If you go with a standard lower with a standard trigger group you may want to look at getting a Timney 3 or 4 pound drop in trigger which will improve your accuracy.

    Colts do demand a premium price. The Stags are a good working mans AR design. If you go with the Stag Model 3 which is a flat top upper model you can adapt it to all kinds of optics. For long shots you’ll want optics to assist in target identification.

    Hope this helps


  50. Joe says:

    I read and I built. I give alot of thanks to the Calguns network for the information. I took my “Longrifle” to the range to see how it shot and was disappointed. Does anyone know if there is a gunsmith near manteca that works on our type rifles? Im having an issue with the Bolt carrier group binding up when the upper and lower are put together. Once it is bound, I can take the rear takedown pin out and it will action forward. I notice that when I do this the upper and lower separate by about a credit card thickness and it will work fine but when the rear takedown pin is in, the rifle is too “tight” and the BCG will bind up again. So, long story short, im looking for a gunsmith to fix it, possibly by reworking the pin or the hole.

  51. Bob says:

    Hey Joe, sounds like you don’t have the BCG oiled enought. However, give a call to Sierra Arms on Carpenter in Modesto and ask for David Lake. He use to own the shop but sold it to his brother and a friend. David still does some gunsmith work for them and he is very knowledgable on AR’s. He may or may not work on them anymore.


  52. Joe says:

    Thanks for the info I will look him up. I’ve drenched the thing in oil until its seeping from the seems! haha.

    BTW. For those of you still on the fence, I built mine to look like my M-4 from overseas. I have the Bullet Button installed with all “evil” features. Took it to the local sportsman range and absolutely no problems at all from anyone about it.

  53. Bob says:

    Hey Joe, yeah the Sportsman over in Manteca is OLL friendly. A group of us calgunners are going down to Panoche Hills for a pinata shoot this Saturday. Should have lots of tannerite to have fun with. You’re welcomed to show up and do some shooting. Bring you rifle who knows one of us just might know what is wrong with it once we see it in action.


  54. Brandon says:

    I don’t want to offend you, as I have read through the past postings you have presented. I’m looking to add a AR-15 to my collection. California regulations are very confusing and I need to see if you could offer some recommendations. I’m fine with the Bullet Lock Requirements and products Lee offers for CA compliance, but what is the best way to work around the other issues and Black List? The Rifles I’m looking at are the AR-Tactical, Colt LE6920 or Olympic Car-15 (Pre-Ban) These are some CA options that caught my attention on GunsAmerica.com. I also checked out your suggestion to CalGuns.net. My needs are Tactical Farm Varmint use and I ask for your advice and recommendations on a CA FFL that can assist.

    My Questions Are:
    Can I purchase a Non-CA, ship to a CA FFL and convert to CA?
    Purchase components and assemble in CA?
    What Brands are best for my needs in CA if I purchase complete?
    What are the registration and FFL needs if I purchase from a private party?

  55. Eric says:

    Brandon, I know this question is for Bob, but let me chime in on your questions:

    1. No, you cannot purchase a Non-CA rifle and send to an FFL, unless it is already CA legal. It must already be converted to be CA legal.
    2. You can purchase components and build it to be CA legal, as long as the parts are legal in CA (i.e. cannot order Listed Lowers, Silencer, 30 round mags, etc.)
    3. Check out http://www.lanworldinc.com and talk to Chris. I purchased a rifle and complete lower from him and was happy. It will be CA legal when it arrives and his prices are reasonable.
    4. Never had done a private party purchase, but the seller will just have to send to your FFL; make sure you contact your FFL first to coordinate. You’ll pay your DROS Fees – about $50 -, fill out some paperwork for background check, and after 10 days you can pick up your rifle. As for paying the seller, that is entirely up to you and the seller i.e. Money Order, Cash, PayPal, Gold Nuggets, Special Favors…. and I’ll leave it at that.

  56. Bob says:

    Brandon, oh believe me you did not offend me with your lack of understanding of CA Firearm Laws. Lets get right to your questions.
    Q. Can you purchase a non-CA, ship to a CA ffl and convert to CA.
    A. If its listed No, No ffl is going to take a chance of losing their license to sell or dros you one that is listed, No, anyone of the non listed rifles must have a Bullet Button or Mag Lock Device to be CA compliant if you have any of the evil features.
    Q. Purchase componenets and assemble in CA.
    A. Only if not listed.
    What brands are best for my needs in CA if I purchase complete.
    A. What is you budget? Several good brands available, i.e. Stag,Spikes, S&W.
    Q. What are the registrations and ffl need if I purchase from a private party.
    A. Registration is not required, dros is required. Must be CA legal no matter what you purchase and bring into CA.

  57. Bob says:

    Looks like Eric and I covered all the questions.

  58. Brandon says:

    Thank you both for your time and advice. This entire Blog has been very helpful. Eric, I will take your advice and start by contacting Chris at Lanworldinc.com. Thanks again.

  59. Zack says:

    My question is “Can you buy any Ar-15 upper receiver, regardless of brand name, legally in CA?” For example, Colt upper!

  60. lee says:

    Zack, to answer your question: yes.

    An upper receiver is not technically a gun. Only the lower receiver is. The lower receiver is the part that’s regulated.

  61. Zack says:

    thank you.

  62. Charles says:

    I was wondering if you could tell me what the law says regarding an out of state hunter transporting his AR or shooting it in California.

  63. Bob says:

    Charles, your rifle would be required to be California compliant, therefore no detachable mags and no mag over 10 rounds.

  64. lee says:

    This message from the Calguns Foundation is excellent. It covers an important lawsuit and briefly but accurately goes over open carry laws.


    San Carlos CA (September 29, 2010) – The City of San Diego will pay $35,000 to gun rights activist Samuel Wolanyk for his improper arrest. The San Diego Police Department also granted Mr. Wolanyk’s petition for a Finding of Factual Innocence, admitting no reasonable cause for his arrest existed.

    The lawsuit — financially supported by The Calguns Foundation, Inc., and brought by attorney Jason Davis of Davis & Associates — sought to ensure San Diego properly trains its officers to deal with law-abiding gun owners.

    “We do not encourage Unloaded Open Carrying of firearms in urban areas at this time,” said Gene Hoffman, Chairman of The Calguns Foundation. “But we believe the civil rights of gun owners must be defended to the utmost.”

    Nearly two years ago, “open carry” activist Wolanyk wound up looking down the barrels of two police handguns when San Diego Police officers Jody Kinsley and Troy White responded to a call of a man wearing a kilt, with a holstered gun, in San Diego’s Mission Beach area. The officers immediately exited their vehicles on arrival at the location, drew their firearms, and ordered Mr. Wolanyk to the ground.

    The officers quickly determined the firearm was unloaded, had no magazine in it, with no round in the chamber, and was thus in full compliance with California law. The firearm was unloaded even though Mr. Wolanyk did separately possess loaded magazines carried in an additional pouch attached to his belt (a completely lawful activity).

    Until that day, these officers had never heard of the burgeoning Unloaded Open Carry movement, in which persons entitled to possess firearms exercise their right to lawfully carry unloaded, holstered handguns (though some onerous geographic limitations do apply). One other key legal restriction on open carry in California law also exists: people must give up their Fourth Amendment rights and submit to law enforcement examination of the firearm to determine if it’s loaded. In Wolanyk’s case, however, the officers weren’t performing a loaded firearm examination; in the officers’ minds, they were responding to a “man with a gun” call and acting accordingly.

    After San Diego Police Sergeant David Kries arrived at the scene, Mr. Wolanyk had hoped the officers’ errors would be competently rectified and he would then be free to go. But Sgt. Kries showed he too didn’t understand California’s complex gun laws, and arrested Mr. Wolanyk for carrying a “loaded” firearm — in direct conflict with both prior case law (People v. Clark) and common sense, which requires ammunition to be in a position from which it can be fired in order for a firearm to be considered loaded. Mr. Wolanyk was taken to San Diego Police headquarters, where it was determined that he violated no law. Two hours later, Wolanyk was back at Mission Beach with Officer Kinsley handing him back his firearm and ammunition. Neither an apology nor an explanation of why the Department hadn’t properly trained their officers was provided.

    “If they’d just apologized and said that they would look into training their officers on how to deal with law-abiding gun owners, I would not have felt compelled to file my lawsuit,” said Mr. Wolanyk. “It’s really about public safety for everyone, including those lawfully carrying firearms.”

    Now, not only has San Diego paid Mr. Wolanyk for their actions, but they have since supplemented their training as well.

    The rise of the Unloaded Open Carry movement in San Diego and Wolanyk’s arrest caught the attention of California Assemblywoman Lori Saldaña, whose proposed “fix” to police training deficiencies was instead to draft a bill taking away the ability to “UOC”. Saldaña’s proposed “Open Carry” ban failed passage this legislative term, but is nearly certain to reemerge this next term.

    As long as Unloaded Open Carry activities are lawful, San Diego Police Officers and other law enforcement agencies will have to respect the civil rights of these law-abiding citizens.

    * * * * * *

    Gene Hoffman

  65. George M. says:

    what do you guys think of using grease insted of oil on ur Bolt Carrier Group ???????

  66. Most of the weapons have been banned.

  67. Bob says:

    @ laguna beach, not sure what “weapons” you are refering to as banned? Only banned ones are on the Kasler list. All Off List Lowers are legal and good to go if you know what you are doing.

  68. lee says:

    I just came across the slidefire, which is a replacement to the stock on your AR-15 or similar to legally make it full-auto with a bump-fire technique. Neat.

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