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If you have lots of books to get rid of, can be a good way to sell them. Here are some tips. I’m making this list because I just went through another round of selling stuff and want to remember it for next time.

  • Find the book on Amazon via the ISBN number. It’s easy to find on the back right next to the bar code.
  • Say something nice in the listing like “ships from San Francisco”. If the book is under 13 oz, you can ship it USPS first class inexpensively and legitimately mention “fast shipping”.
  • Always make sure yours is the lowest price listing.
  • Offering “expedited” or “international” shipping is a bother and usually not worth the money.
  • is a bargain if you have a lot of items to ship in a month. They charge $15/month but you get to print the return address, address and postage all in one go, saving time. And you just have to copy and paste the address. Most importantly, the envelopes are then not “stamped” but “metered” and you can drop them in any USPS drop box no matter how heavy they are. has/had a similar option on their website but it’s a pain to navigate (it’s the government, who’d have guessed!)
  • Use UPS labels, 2 labels per 8.5×11″ sheet. They are free (for shipping UPS items only of course) from I usually use the second label on the page to seal the envelope.
  • Use 9×12″ manila envelopes. They are inexpensive and most books fit in them. Note that a padded mailer might cost $2.00 each while these cost $0.20 each. They also qualify as “envelopes” and not “packages” so they ship cheaper
  • Use USPS “Bound Printed Matter” or “Media Mail” rate.
  • Use a postal scale.
  • Amazon should have a “I shipped this item” checkbox next to your sold items but they don’t. I use the change in color of a visited-link to note when I ship.

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