DriveSavers $500 Discount Coupon and 10% Discount

If your hard drive has crashed hard, IE your computer burned up in a house fire, then DriveSavers are the people to call. They are crazy expensive but they are the only company I know of that can recover a hard drive that was burned in a fire, drowned in a flood or run over by a truck. They might charge $2,500 to recover the contents of a hard drive. But they work very fast and they are very good. They have saved many businesses from disaster.

I have a $500 discount coupon off a hard-drive recovery. I will happily split the coupon with you. You send me $250 and I will mail you the coupon. If they can’t recover your hard drive, they don’t charge you. I will do the same, refunding the $250.

Sorry, this coupon expired on 12-31-08. But you can still save some money just by mentioning my reseller number, see below.



In addition, I am an authorized Drivesavers reseller, when you call them, tell them about the $500 coupon AND give them my reseller number, DS14221. That will give you a 10% discount on your order!

You can reach DriveSavers at 800-440-1904. You can reach me at .

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  1. lee says:

    Update: I still have discounts and such available. Contact me and we will work something out quickly.

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