Followup to The Best Thing I Read All Day

I have been talking with the person who wrote “The Best Thing I Read All Day“. the project that he is working on is pretty sweet. From Sasha:widebigsized

Here is our artcar project this year: (don’t miss the “night view” :)) and the previous one, “dust2music”, several years ago:
Trainspotting was this train station I made – – with sound, light and motions from the passing “phantom” trains – when the batteries that ran the whole thing were fresh, that is, which unfortunately was far from 24/7. That was my tiny BM claim to fame that was burned – apart from the laptop and the lamp with the servos that swang it – at the end.

The truck burned too – the engine ignited on the freeway – – and we all took a break from BM last year, for the first time since 2000, to “mourn”.

P.S. Btw, I found this – – particularly, I guess, encouraging and refreshing? — since the views on topics like this by the majority of SF (or Berkeley, etc.) BM attendees are depressing to even think about.

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