referral discount

Update 12-1-11: This program is permanently on hold as I don’t have service any more.


I’ll give you $10 if you sign up with my referral code. You see, they give me $20 in postage for every friend I refer. So I’ll split the referral I get with you.

Here is how to get $10 free money when signing up for If you don’t follow these instructions, I won’t be able to credit you.

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Sign up button.
  3. At the bottom, it asks “How did you hear about us?”. Make sure to select “Recommended by a friend”.
  4. A line will appear that reads “Have a promo code?” Write in the following: C-7W3H-NXV
  5. Email me at telling me
    1. The date and time you signed up
    2. Your Paypal email address

It will take about a month before I receive credit from so I’ll pay you in two or three months. Please do not expect a personal reply for at least 6 weeks. Don’t pester me unless it’s been 3 months… after all, it’s just a couple of dollars.

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