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Comparing TJIC’s blog ranking to on Alexa

Trav said he had only 15 readers. I disagreed, did the math and then…. agreed.

15? You must have many more lurkers than that. I get like 1000 page views a day. How many do you get?

Oh yes, that’s right. you have no idea because you don’t have any stats tracking. ;-)

Hmm. Maybe you’re right… click here

.000097 / .00121 = .08
my 1000 page views * .08 = your 80 page views/day
your 80 page views/day / your average 6 posts per day = 13.3 readers.

OMG, you really -do- have 15 readers.

Then again, I’m betting that his readership is less likely to install the Alexa toolbar.

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