Skype Video: Something Wonderful

I bought my family webcams. We now chat on Skype with video chat often. It’s really terrific. Setting it up was easy. I’d just VNC into their computer and set it up for them… I’d tell my cousin, “Put in the CD that came with the webcam” [click click click]. “Ok, now plug the webcam in”. [wait a moment] “Can you see yourself on the screen?


“Ok, now I’ll sign you up for Skype and put you in my address book. [click click click] And I’ll call you. [ring ring] Can you see me and hear me on the computer?”

“Yes! Oh this is terrific!”

1968: “2001: A Space Odyssey” video phone

2001-telephone-call 2001-telephone-call-1


2008: My aunt in Florida chatting with my cousins in Nashville


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