The Price of Yeast

Baking yeast packets at the supermarket: $3 for 3 0.25 oz packets. $64/lb

Bulk baking yeast: $2.29 for a 1lb brick. $2.29/lb

Packets cost 28 times as much. Yipe.

Smart and Final sells packets right next to bulk 1 lb containers. The packets cost $3 for 0.75 oz, the bulk costs $4 for 16 ounces. You do the math. Buy the bulk yeast. It freezes perfectly well after being opened for at least a year (I haven’t ever had to freeze it longer, I use it)

Costco, Sams Club and similar stores also have the 1lb brick of yeast. If you make more than 3 loaves of bread this year, it’s worth getting the large size. With my breadmaker, I make about 30 loaves/year.

Rainbow also has open bulk yeast.  Yeast generally lasts at least 1 year in the freezer… except for the yeast I got at Rainbow. I’m pretty sure it needs to be refrigerated and not frozen because twice now I got yeast there, made a loaf, froze the rest and the yeast was dead after. :-(


  1. andré says:

    What type of yeast are you looking at? Instant? Active Dry? Fresh? Wild? Each has a different cost and stays good for varying amounts of time.

    You can always catch/grow your own wild san francisco yeast with just water and flour and a few days and a little attention. Just google ‘start wild yeast’ for many direction.

    Michael Sprague actually turned me on to starting my own wild yeast. I made a panettone with wild NYC yeast that was awesome. The slight sourness added a complexity that you don’t find in store bought panettone.

  2. Lee says:

    Hey Andre,
    What I am comparing is
    – Safeway Fleishmann Rapid Rise Yeast, $2.50 for 3 0.25oz packets
    – Safeway Red Star Active Dry, $2.39 for 3 0.25oz packets
    – Rainbow… umm, I’m not sure… Active Dry I think, bulk, about $4/lb if I recall
    – Whole Foods.. I don’t recall the brand, Active Dry $3 for 3 0.25 oz packets
    – Fleishmann 1 lb Instant Dry at Restaurant Depot

    Yeah, I’ve done sourdough… I bought Geeza and San Francissco sourdough from Ed Wood who wrote “World Sourdoughs from Antiquity”, a really good book. I had the sourdough for a year or so. It was pretty neat. But it’s hard to do sourdough in a bread machine… and I associate making it with an three old girlfriends :-(

  3. Amanda says:

    Thanks for putting the prices up, people. I have a powerpoint I have to do at school, and it deals with recipes. =] Thanks again!

  4. Lee says:

    You’re welcome, person. Tell us people more about your Powerpoint. The thought that you were assigned a Powerpoint presentation for school is bothersome. The Powerpoint format was flawed from the moment it was created.

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  7. Charlotte says:

    I do the same, a bag of yeast: instant, regular, SAF or Redstar, by the pound, $4.00. I keep it in teh fridge for about a year. I thought the bulk yeast at Rainbow was non baking nutritional yeast for vegan/vegetarian smoothies or some such (I never really trusted it without seeing a label). Yeast by teh pound is great andnon-instant just means you need to proof it first – no biggie. Also King Arthur Flour sells by the pound – I make 2 loaves a week, also along with our own pizza crust, soft pretzels, and sometimes bread sticks.

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