Geostationary Banana Over Texas

Isn’t it odd that this downright silly post follows such a very very serious post about Lucille Rathyen. Some truths: You’re born. You live. You die. How well that middle part goes is entirely up to you.

I reported previously that the Geostationary Banana Over Texas crew was busy. Well, it seems that Caesar Saez and crew is really trying to do it. There’s an assurance contract on The GBOT Team will float a giant banana over Texas if we raise $1,500,000. They’ve got a video on their site that implies they are really trying to do it! Here’s a local copy:

I’d pay at LEAST $25 to see a 300 meter long banana in geostationary orbit over Texas. I put myself in for $25 and said I’d chip in more when they answered a couple questions like what the actual conditions for “success” were.

Are you in? (update 3-10-12: sadly, the website exists no more so I removed the link)


  1. Lee says:

    Cesar Saez got back to me about my concerns so I committed $100 to the GBOT project. :-)

    Remember that this is an assurance contract…. what that means is that he’ll only take your money if and only if he has raised enough money to make the project actually happen!

    The Cesar Saez website shows that he’s made plenty of really cool giant art in the past!

    Check out an interview of him on Youtube
    part 1
    part 2

    BBC article video interview (3 parts)

  2. Lee ´s questions have been answered.
    See here

    Thank you very much for increasing your pledge Lee!
    The GBOT team

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