Installed Smart Archives and Exec-PHP WordPress Plugins

Update 11-4-09: I now use Smart Archives Reloaded

My blog archives have been ugly for a long time. :-(

If the old narchives.php script is still up, take a peek at what my archives used to look like. Useful but ugly and slow because it’s uncachable.

So I just installed Smart Archives. To make it work, I also had to install Exec-PHP. I was a bit reluctant because enabling PHP in posts could be a security hole but… eh, it’ll be fine, right?

Now, my archives are all pretty-like. I insist on a straightforward appearing archive. None of that javascript fancyness because then you can’t use the Find function of your browser to locate posts. And you can’t easily scroll around, getting an overview.


  1. lee says:

    I upgraded to SmartArchives version 2.0 and it works very nicely. :-)

  2. lee says:

    I switched to Smart Archives Reloaded. It’s faster and works well.

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