Airborne Homeopathic Remedy: Made by a Teacher so it HAS to be Good… or not

This could have been done better. I mean, the placebo effect DOES work. Trouble is… (via ABCNews)

aireborne.jpg the investigation revealed that Airborne’s clinical trial was conducted by just two people in the absence of a clinic or scientists.

They are settling a lawsuit for $23 million. Monies to be distributed for those stupid enough to that believe this is a preventative and cure for colds.

Now the following took 3 seconds of investigative reporting. Look at the image I snapped of their website today. It says “The famous original formula – created by a school teacher – contains 17 herbs and nutrients…”

The ingredients list:

  • 8 “herbal extract proprietary blend”
  • 2 “amino acids”
  • 8 “other ingredients” are sorbital, citric acid, sodium bicarbonate, orange flavor, mineral oil, acesulfame potasium, sucralose.

If I’ve got my math right, only one of those “other ingredients” isn’t a “nutrient”. Do you think it’s the mineral oil or the orange flavor? Yeah, right.

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