El Toro has Reopened

The best taqueria in San Francisco has reopened.

el-toro.jpgIt looked like El Toro was gone… it had been boarded up for several months. I spoke to the owner (who also owns Pancho Villa and the building that El Toro is in) the night before they reopened… last Sunday night if I recall correctly. He said they had to do some structural work and it took longer than they anticipated.

I went in a few days after they opened. The owner said they kept 6 employees from the old El Toro… they had been shuttled around to the other restaurant to keep them working. The woman serving me was cutely shy… she didn’t speak English well and I figured out that she was making her very first enchilada. The chef and 2 others on the line were experienced so it wasn’t a terrible experience but it’ll be a while before they’re running smoothly.


  1. nuzz says:

    Does that image have a fuzzydream filter or is that google streetview strangeness?

  2. Lee says:

    You caught me. Actually, it’s Picasa soft focus. :-)
    Weird, in checking out nuzz.org, I initially couldn’t figure out if it was a splog (or whatever a spam blog is called) or what. Your style is so terse and visual. Groovy!

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