Webkinz Thieves

You’ve got to be kidding.

This comment recently appeared under my “Webkinz” post:

hi Im Debbie Rutter and the wife of the maker of webkinz World!! I have enery rare item and I get 2000 kinzcash a day for free! My computer is hooked up to a special program that alows to buy the rare items in the w- shop even the 10th webkinz beds!!! I can get a 10th webkinz bed for 10 kinzcash!! If you want 2,000 kinzcash a day and every rare item in the W-shop then e-mail me your username and password.
Me and my huspan just want to make kids happy!!
Debbie Rutter

Apparently there is an active black market in virtual Webkinz items. That’s pretty obscene, especially considering that Webkinz are geared for kids under 15.

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  1. Lee says:

    I emailed “Debbie” and yup, they’re as evil as I thought…

    >>hi debbie. i want to have more webkinz cash so my doggie jason can
    >>have more room to play. can i have some?

    >Well I cant send kinzcash but If you give me your username and
    >password I can get you 100000 kinzcash.
    >Debbie Rutter

    Yeah, right.

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