San Francisco Home 6 Month Rental Available

A friend of mine has a house he’d like to rent January –> May. Ping me if you’re interested and we’ll see if it might work out.

Strong preference goes to friends.

Here’s his letter…

I’m planning on being away in NYC from approximately mid-january hrough mid-may, and I would like to sublet my house for that time.

I’d like to sublet it to someone “in the family”, so to speak. Time period and amount of furnishings are negotiable (the less stuff I have to move, the better!)

Details (please forward as appropriate):

3 bdrm, 2.5 bath townhouse condo, 1350 sq. ft. I use one bedroom for
sleeping, another for my lab, another for the library. You can use it
for 1, 2, or 3 people. If you want low rent, just let me stash my junk in the
library, then it’s effectively a two bedroom.

Tippy-tippy-tip of Hunters Point, past Box Shop and Headless and the
Haunted Barn.

KICK-ASS south-facing bay view — alameda, San Mateo, SFO, all the way
past San Bruno mountain, almost to Daly City and the ocean.

All bamboo flooring

Sunny south-facing master bedroom and living room

Beautiful garden!

off street parking,
alarm system,
security camera system,
home automation,
video projector
… blah blah blah …

Rent is negotiable — it costs me about $2500, but I’d be willing to
let it go for $1200 to $1500 if the deal is right (person I trust,
mostly furnished, stash my stuff in the library, etc etc…)

Call or email me for details.


  1. Romain Testard says:

    We are 3 french students and we will be in San Francisco at the beginning of January.(we all are at least 20 years old). First of all we will have to go to the San Francisco State University, so do you think that your house will be a good deal in order to go in cours every day?
    By the way we are not looking for partys, so if the deal is ok, be sure that your house will stay clean.
    The last thing is that our ticket to get back to France is for at least the June 2nd.
    If you would like any informations, ask anything via my email address.
    Could you send me some pictures?

    Thank you

    Romain Testard

  2. Lee says:

    I forwarded your info to him but I think he’s going to go with someone he already knows. Thanks.

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