Woke up and had fun before getting out of bed

Blueberry pancakes with grade B maple syrup.. the tiny blueberries from Trader Joe’s and grade B from Coomb farms in Brattleboro via Rainbow

Went to the Holiday Gifty Art Sale at the Crucible.

Went sailing with Dan Goldwater and friends. From Berkeley, around Alcatraz and back! Wonderful. Sea water, sails, good conversation, propane powered potato gun, “hey, it’s getting dark, we should turn on the running lights.” “Well, yeah, we ‘should'”. (what do you want, it’s a free boat?)

Had a great dinner with RICK and Charlotte at Everett & Jones Barbeque in Oakland.

And our evening ended with a bang when we watched a pickup truck in Oakland drive too fast around a turn in front of us roll over. We pulled over, expecting to have to call an ambulance but the kids inside were scared or whatnot and they put the truck back in gear and drove off as fast as they could

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