Yellow Pages Salesman

This Yellow Pages salesman walks into a bar and says, “Hi, I’m Lee Sonko from Valley Yellow Pages.” It’s still kinda weird but it seems that I’ve changed careers again, from

  • Software QA engineer at Politzer and Haney, Course Technology, Softkey Intl, Shiva, Picturetel, MCI/Newscorp Internet Ventures, American Internet, Riverton Software Corp, BGS, Firefly, ADP and Wavexpress to
  • Owner of “The Computer Guy”, computer repair and training company to
  • Substitute teacher to
  • Customer Support Manager and QA engineer at Wavexpress   to
  • Co-owner of Safe and Secure SF,   disaster preparedness consultancy to
  • Yellow Pages account executive.

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  1. Andre says:

    Good Luck!

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