Buying Authentic French Food in San Francisco

I was just told about this… it happens just once a month or so. To find out when, get on their mailing list. They are in Brisbane.

The site: (10-24-08 the link doesn’t work any more)

To get on their mailing list:  (10-24-08 the link doesn’t work any more)

update 10-24-08: The Village Imports company was bought by someone. They -might- still sell to the public monthly. Or maybe not. Sorry :-(

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    Love your ..”Green Flafeolet Beans…….tiny size……product of France…….I just returned from living three years in France and your Flafeolet taste just like sunday dinner at my boy friend’s house. Maman served her flageolet around roasted duck breast mimum, mimmum…… your product!!!

    I am writing only because it is hard for me to believe that the calorie count stated on the package could be correct…..serving amount 1/2 cup ….25 calories ? servings per can appox. 3 . 75 calories. This number is far lower than black beans or garbonza beans, for the same amount……….Please tell there is no mistake…..but, if there is, I want to know that too.

    Yours respectfully

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