Pop Rocks Strawberry Candy Powder -Bulk: 2LB Box

lkpfc-and-pop-rocks.pngAs a founding member of Low Key Peep Flambe Camp, it is my solemn responsibility to bring in the peeps (someone else handles bringing in the funk). While procuring our comestibles, I came across a most curious product. It is what appears to be a mammoth 2 lb box of Pop Rocks!

How could I pass up such an irresponsibly sold product?

I have ecstatic visions of consuming vast quantities of pop rocks, reminiscent of that Newcomer drug-lord in Alien Nation who drank so much of the drug that he devolved into a totally awesome monster!

To the right I present to you my official provisions for the 2007 Burning Man instantiation of Low Key Peep Flambe Camp.


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  2. Lee says:

    Waaaah! Candywarehouse doesn’t sell the 2lb bag any more! I called around and this 2lb bag was for places like Baskin Robins who used to put it on ice cream or something as a topping. Baskin Robins stopped so they don’t make the bag any more :-(

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