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Last night, Charlotte and I completed our training as Neighborhood Emergency Response Team members!

This is one vital step in our multifaceted strategy to take over the world!

We have been studying disaster preparedness, fire safety, light search and rescue, triage, basic disaster medicine with the SF Fire Department. We even got to put out a real fire and make a mess in the parking lot with a 3A 40BC extinguisher (the kind of extinguisher that YOU should have in your home, car and workplace… you have one in each, right? If not, we’ll sell you one, at a very reasonable price…).

We got certificates. We’re NERTs!

We got gloves and super duper ity bity flashlights (I almost blinded Charlotte, oops. But the veins in our hands look really cool) submersible to 500ft and guaranteed against… let me read the manual, “Pelican Unconditional Lifetime Guarr… blah blah blah… defects in workmanship… blah blah blah…. THE ABOVE GUARANTEE DOES NOT COVER SHARKBITE, BEAR ATTACK OR CHILDREN UNDER 5.” Ha!

We were instructed never to walk into a building and shout “NERTS! We’re here to help!” People would just look at us funny. We’re supposed to say “Rescue Team!” Already our self esteem is being tested by the industrial firefighting complex. ;-)

This is an important part of our disaster preparedness business. Which, in all honesty, is looking pretty tenable.

How I voted

Just like the last time, my vote in San Francisco counted for little.
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Voltage Loss Table

Voltage Loss Tables: Calculate how many volts are eaten up over a given distance

voltage loss = amps * wire resistance * distance in feet * 2 wires (1 wire in each direction!)


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TestTrack Pro 4

If you have TestTrack Pro 4 from Seapine Software, you might find the following useful. Change the email notifications as such and the emails will be in a much more readable format.
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VNC SingleClick

VNC SingleClick is a program that lets a person run a small (166k) program in order to let another user see their computer screen and/or control their computer. It’s way useful.

Here are notes I took on how to set it up (these instructions were ripped from a doc I wrote for another purpose. Sorry if it’s slightly unintelligible)

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Installed Challenge Plugin

update: I removed this plugin. I now just trust in Spam Karma

Spam Karma does a great job of managing my comment spam. But I’d like to do more to keep those 500 comment spams/day out of my database entirely. So I’ve installed the Challenge plugin. It’ll make you do math in order to leave a comment. Spammers hate math. It’s like their kryptonite. I hope you don’t hate math so much as to not leave a comment.