What I’ve done recently

Friday the 22nd – Wait most of the day for and then receive the bulk of my stuff via UPS directly to my storage space.

Saturday and Sunday the 23rd and 24th – take a welding class at The Crucible (the class ended up being not as educational as I had hoped)

Tuesday the 26th – Start contracting for Wavexpress.

Thursday the 28th – Help a friend of Vixen’s build an Art Car for Burning Man.

Friday the 29th – Meet Bean’s friend Cate. Help her sign-up for the San Francisco Marathon on Sunday. have a great lunch with her overlooking the ferry (all excepting the part where she nearly choked to death… quite a memorable start to our friendship!). Argue with a housemate who firmly believes that newspaper, paper bags, and white paper goes in the compost bin. walk to the Red Poppy Art House just a few blocks away and hear a Spanish guitar duet.

Saturday the 30th – Fill out the forms to get health insurance in California: it is going to cost 70% less than in New Jersey. I could have paid a mere 50% less and gotten almost exactly the same health plan as in New Jersey. See The Incredibles with Vixen and have an all-around very good evening.

Sunday the 31st – Maybe I will go see the San Francisco Marathon, or maybe The 2nd Annual Burning Man pARTiciPARADE. Oh my, I see that the marathon and the pARTiciPARADE are separated by only 3 blocks. I certainly hope that some planning has gone into this!

I certainly am keeping busy!

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