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Religious Intolerance, Crack of the Masses

Here’s a scary Halloween story.

Police officers with shot guns and flack jackets break up a pagan wedding, where 2 people are wearing fairy wings
by Tish Owen (owner of The Goddess and The Moon, Nashville TN)

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Religion is the Opiate of the Masses

[written 10-28-02]

[Unfinished rant]

Look at what the most intensely religious people read. Left Behind, Dianetics, and The Celestine Prophecy are all huge best-sellers.

It took the Vatican 359 years to apologize to Galileo. Here’s a funny Catholic apologist.

The Moral Majority is neither.

Most shamanistic religions use heavy breath control to induce religious stupors in it’s devotees. Most of the others use mental “breath control” to similar ends.