Been doing lately

I saw Gallagher last week. Yes he’s still alive, yes he’s still smashing watermelons and yes the show rocked. My only regret is that I didn’t sit closer! The folks sitting in the orchestra pit got SOAKED, people in the center of rows A-C got hit some. Unfortunately, row E didn’t get a drop. But that’s cool.

Birthday Cake Smash Video!! (you might have to right-click and download this to view the fun 5 second video, sorry!)

Gallagher asked everyone who’s birthday was today to come up front. (I seriously considered letting today be my special day. But going to the show alone, there wasn’t anyone to snap the photo of what I knew would ensue). Hit cake delivery mechanism was… I won’t say “efficient” but I will say “fast”!
Last night I caught a Fire Opera at The Crucible. Just as I’ve experienced before, I couldn’t understand a word of it without the subtitles, even though it was in English. But it was pretty good. And there was fire and glass pulling and red-hot metal being pounded and power tools. Lots of power tools. And opera!

Tomorrow I’m catching 9.8th Fighting Kite Brigade in Bernal Hill Park. Real kite combat!

And then going to the Parkway with Laura

I got an Aerobed. It’s going to be my guest bed but until I can decide on a bed for myself… I think I’m afraid to get a bed or something. Something about settling down. Silverware, check. Kitchen table assembled, check. House still a mess, check.

Oh and I got the first half of a “deep cleaning” (scaling and root planing) of my teeth involving novocaine and lots of scraping. 2nd half is next week. Joy.

Last bit, I’ve starting an exercise regimen. First week down, it feels pretty good. :-)


  1. TJIC says:

    You’ve got a picture WITH Gallagher! Too cool!

  2. Lee says:

    When I found out I could actually see a Gallagher performance in person, I knew I had to go because it was akin to a pilgrimage to the holy land. And when I saw that he was in the lobby posing for photos, I was ecstatic, almost the literal kind (IE: Being in a state of ecstasy; joyful or enraptured).

    Happily, my religious experience with this star of my youth (and the show was excellent, he’s a star) was not marred by factional religous violence. Though the on-stage fruit talent might have disagreed. ;-)

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