How To Install and Adjust an AOC I1659FWUX 15.6″ USB-powered portable monitor on Windows and Mac

I’ve got some portable monitors: AOC I1659FWUX 15.6″ USB-powered portable monitor

The image quality of the monitor is pretty good (update 5-17-23: my new Macbook Pro screen is much more crisp than the AOC screens!), though you can’t adjust the colors.
In Windows, you can adjust the brightness with the open source software ScreenBright or my favorite ClickMonitorDDC 6.0 or some others. :-) You can’t directly change the brightness or colors in Windows 10 or 11.

To get it to work on my Macbook Pro 2019 16″, I needed to install a driver. Without it, when I plugged it in, the startup screen would flash for a moment and then nothing.
– Go to which is the former Download and install the driver
– plug it in and go! I’m using an Anker USB C Hub to convert the USB-A on the monitor to USB-C

To be able to adjust the brightness, I went to the Apple App Store and got the free and open source MonitorControl Lite.

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