Laser Printer Toner Refill Kits That Work

I’ve now bought and used 2 laser printer toner refill kits from and I’m very happy with them!

It took about 20 minutes to refill my second toner, saving about $50 off a name-brand new toner cartridge. I’ll get it down to 10 minutes with practice. It takes a little bit of disassembly and work but they gave me excellent printed instructions and their website practically screams “If you have ANY questions or problems, call us, we’re here!”

Our family has 2 Brother HL-L2350DW laser printers. They’re pretty good inexpensive printers. (Though last month one just died on me, Brother support walked me through everything but… [sad trombone sounds])

I’ve had mixed experience with inexpensive, off-brand toner cartridges. I forget the details but I think about 70% of my toner purchases from V4Ink on Amazon worked flawlessly.

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  1. Lee says:

    sometimes my Brother HL-2350DW will say it is out of toner, but it isn’t really. Wiping it’s memory fixes it. Here’s how (via)

    What to do when your “replace toner” message won’t go away even after you replaced the toner? If you have a Brother HL-L2350dw or Brother HL-L2370dw printer, follow these easy steps to reset the toner:

    – With power on, open the front cover
    – Press BACK and GO buttons at the same time
    – Press BACK button one more time by itself
    – Press Down Arrow to select the correct toner type:
    – TNR-HC for high capacity TN-760 toner OR TNR-STR for standard capacity TN-730 toner
    – Press OK
    – Press Down Arrow to confirm reset
    – Close the front cover and your printer should be ready to print.

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